About –  Henry Steinhauer is vocal about Application Performance and the need for continuous monitoring so you know when things go bump.

They will go bump and it is only a matter of time when that happens.  If your users find out before you do, then you are not really providing a service are you?

I hope you enjoy these rambles about performance.

Starting out first as an IBM Mainframe Systems Programmer, he moved to a focus on Performance Management and Capacity Planning.  He brought his skills of finding and correcting performance issues with scaling applications to the Network team.  He was introduced to Network Tracing with Network Generals Sniffer application and discovered there is a wealth of information about application performance that could be gathered from that view point.

He served as the Chairman of a regional chapter of CMG for 20 years. MCMG is a chapter that served the companies from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan.  Meetings were hosted mainly in downtown Chicago, Illinois.