I have found that sometimes people want to seperate Capacity questions and Performance Questions. Yet they are tied together. The worse part is that poor Performance may not always be solved by just buying more Capacity.

This Blog will explore some issues related to the surprises that have happened when that has been ignored or forgotten.

Applications can either go wide or go high.  Wide is scaling to other servers or multiple JVMs.  High is when you can add more Threads to the same JVM.

Some companies can chose to use custom Web Applcaiton servers but most of the industry is working with Application Servers like Websphere and standard Databases like UDB, Sybase or Oracle.  These are the ‘standard’ set of workhorses that companies have used for years. 

We will explore some challenges and present how you too can have insight into what is going on within your applications without needing to spend $$$ to get that insight. 

Stay tuned as we walk down this garden path together. 

I work with Performance issues and Capacity Planning concerns. I used the play on words – Performance ate my Capacity. I work mainly in the Enterprise sized companies that have to scale their workloads to 1,000 active users or more. It is amazing the challenge that some designers have when you have to consider scaling to high workloads. What will work for a few concurrent users does not always work for 1,000 concurrent users. Or at least no one would pay for the resources to make it work.